College Director's Report

Hello Carranballac P-9 College community,

We are over half way through the term already and have so many positives to share with you, our families.

You may have heard the term "School Wide Positive Behaviours, or SWPB" mentioned previously, but what is it? What does it mean, and how can families support this initiative?  Essentially SWPB is a whole-College approach designed to build and maintain a positive culture. 

The essence of a successful positive culture lies in the embedding of the College Values of: Respect, Inclusiveness, Resilience, Integrity, Responsibility.  We would appreciate you spending family time on speaking to your children about our core values and what they mean to them as children/students.

Our SWPB team will be providing the community with snapshots of the SWPB model in upcoming newsletters and have been undertaking professional learning and seeking feedback from all staff and students on where we can focus our attention in order to grow the positive (SWPB) culture of the College. 

Concerts: Congratulations to the Sound Garage crew, students and families for the wonderful exhibition of musical talent that was displayed at the recent Sound Garage concerts. A big thank you to our music/admin/teaching staff who also hopped in to assist with the running of these concerts.

We have more concerts coming soon and they will take on a different look as we continue to grow the concept of one COLLEGE rather than two Campuses. There will be three Early Years concert performance evenings with a 6pm and 7pm concert sitting on each occasion. The performers will be multi age as well as cross campus. This is an exciting tweak in the presentation style and we will evaluate the success of the new model by seeking your feedback and that of the students.  Be e-connected through compass and regular visits to the College website, so that you can keep up to date with all calendar items and special events for your children.

The College Christmas Carols will be on again this year and we are hoping for good weather so that we can stage the event on the lush Boardwalk oval. This is yet another fine example of the strength of the College programs, especially music and performance.

Graduation for Year 9 : I am delighted to announce that to date we have 75 students listed to attend this significant event. Our students and staff have worked very hard throughout the year to raise funds for Graduation to make it more affordable – this is certainly evident in the low cost to attend this year. Well done fundraisers.

Swimming: Our range of swimming programs continues to roll out successfully. A big thank you to our staff who manage the logistics of this complex arrangement. We would encourage families to discuss the water safety messages learned during the course of the program to further strengthen the importance of safety near and in water.

Foundation Transition: On Wednesday the 22nd of November we will be conducting the Prep/Foundation transition sessions for families. This is an excellent opportunity for new parents to meet our staff, hear about aspects of the school programs and to also ask any questions that they may have. I am looking forward to meeting our new cohort of families at these important sessions.


Have a great fortnight.


Brendan O'Brien

College Director





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