Carranballac College Sensory Garden (Inclusive Schools Fund)

The project will provide a safe walkway from the flagpole to the rear of the art room and Foundation classrooms, connecting with rear doors of the classrooms, enabling classes to take greater advantage of the outdoors. That walkway beside the art room will be a deck with a new door from the Art Room, usable for outdoor art or other lessons. 
The pathway beyond the deck is of a granitic sand standard. A new seating area will be constructed adjacent to the swale (open storm-water drain) behind the art room. We will be increasing the number of existing vegetable gardens to be more readily usable. The pathway will continue down to the Science Room area, where a new door will allow outdoor teaching to take place in the area. Decking & seating will again be featured behind the science room and beyond the bridge. The existing pond by the pedestrian bridge will receive some grounds work and fencing so that it is improved as a teaching space.
The project will give some very good educational options for the school, and a welcome improvement to the school.





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