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Carranballac P-9 College School Closure

Carranballac P-9 College is closed as a precautionary measure under the advice of the Department of Education and Training (DET), and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) who are currently undertaking an investigation process following an active case of covid-19.

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SOS Teacher Agency Student Tutoring

During this period of extended school holidays and in the event of further COVID-19 school disruptions SOS Teacher Agency is offering families and students the benefit of online tutoring with registered Teachers.

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Compass Update News

We wish to advise families that the Compass School Manager software and App will be undergoing to a series of updates over the coming weeks and into the next term.  For more information please click on read more.

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Happy Birthday Trent

We would like to wish Trent a very Happy Birthday!  Trent, our College dog, turned 2 on 12 December and was treated to a very special party and lots of attention from students and staff.

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Important Community Information COVID-19

UPDATED: Wednesday 25 March 2020.Carranballac takes the health and wellbeing of our College seriously and are working diligently to maintain a safe, healthy and educational environment for all members of our community.  Families are being kept informed of current DET advice via Compass.

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STEM Teaser!

A young boy lives on the 10th floor of a apartment building. Each morning he rides the elevator down from the 10th floor to the 1st floor & goes to school. When he comes home, he gets on the elevator, rides to the 5th floor & then walks the final five sets of stairs to the 10th floor. Why?

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新型冠状病毒 (2019-nCoV) 为各大学提供的情况说明书

建议所有旅行到中国湖北省的学生和教职员工,都要待在家里,避免去公共场合,包括去大学,直到离开中国湖北省14天后。 建议不要把身体情况良好,到中国其他省份去过,或到有病例报告的其他任何地方去过的学生和教职员工排除在大学之外,除非属于下列情况: 该人已确诊患有新型冠状病毒 该人在过去14天里,曾与已确诊患有新型冠状病毒者发生紧密接触   如果你认为学生或教职员工符合上述一项标准,那就请打电话给卫生和民事服务部(DHHS),讨论采取进一步行动,电话号码是: 1300 651 160

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Keeping Healthy

Updated information has been provided by the Department of Education regarding the recent Novel Coronavirus and we encourage families to familiarise themselves and adhere to medical advice of the Department of Health and your GP.

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Happy Australia Day

We would like to wish all members of our Carranballac community a very happy Australia Day on Sunday 26 January.  We hope that you enjoy the day appreciating all that makes this country great, and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Thursday 30 January.

Welcome to 2020

We hope all of our families enjoyed their Christmas and New Years, with a fun summer holiday break.  Students begin school on Thursday 30 January at 8:45am.

International Student Program

Carranballac P-9 College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to

2019 Year 8 Korean Student Exchange Program

And they're back!  A monumental amount of work went into the Yr 8 Korean Exchange.  It isn't without the commitment and acumen of Chriss Tracey and her team of equally dedicated and experienced teachers Mr Villani, Ms Parsons and Ms Paten that students were afforded such a spectacular opportunity.

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Bring a Laptop from Home

BYOD Program : Families with students in Yr 7 - 9 are expected to provide their own laptop computer for use at school and home.  This is particularly valuable for senior students to continue to work on major assessments, learning tasks and complete homework tasks.  

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Osh Club Booking App

Kidsoft is an app in an exciting phase of development that will allow parents to make or change Osh Club bookings, send messages and contact Customer Service and billing directly.   The app is available through the App Store or Google Play store for free download.Click here for User Guide

eSmart and eSafe

The internet provides many valuable and engaging opportunities, it can also enable exposure to offensive & illegal online material. You can reduce the chance of exposure by implementing online safeguards and parental controls. 

Carranballac Uniform

The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory and sensible clothing is expected at all times. The uniform shop is open on a regular basis.    Hats are compulsory in the warmer months.  “Hats on” policy in Terms 1 and 4 – otherwise children must stay in the shade.Click here for more information

Carranballac P-9 College Fortnightly Newsletter

Our fortnightly edition of the Carranballac P-9 College Newsletter is live on the website! We welcome you to download the Newsletter from the College website.

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Traffic Safety

Ensuring that your child arrives at School safely and on time is of genuine importance.  When dropping off, and picking up your children please obey all speed and parking signs.  Double-parking is illegal, and u-turns at the front of a school are dangerous and puts families at unnecessary risk.

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Run4Fun Colour Explosion

For $2 students may come to school casual clothes Fri 1 Nov for the Colour Explosion Fun Run.  If students have fundraised they DO NOT have to pay $2. If students have not fundraised they are required to pay $2 to wear casual clothes and/or participate in the fun run.

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Download the Compass app to your Smart Phone

Remember to download the Compass App to receive notifications of special events, attendance, student academic reports and your child's profile information. To access Compass, click here

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