Check that Itch!

It has come to our attention that some students in the school may have head lice and we seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair this week.

Head lice do not transmit infectious diseases – they are transmitted by having head to head contact with someone who has head lice. You may be reassured to know that head lice are commonly found in places other than in schools.

What can you do?

We seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair and in those instances where head lice or eggs are found, treating your child’s hair.

Please see the information at to help with the detection and treatment of head lice. 

If head lice or eggs are found on your child’s hair you need to inform The College and advise when the treatment has started. You may wish to advise parents or carers of your child’s friends so they too have the opportunity to detect and treat their children if necessary.


When can my child return to school?
Health regulations requires that where a child has head lice, that child should not return to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started. Please note, this refers only to those children who have live head lice and does not refer to head lice eggs.

Carranballac P-9 College is aware that head lice can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining your confidentiality.


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