Premier's Reading Challenge

Choosing age appropriate books

Not all books on the list are recommended text for all children.

The online system allows a student to select any book from the book list, regardless of the year level to which it has been allocated. Readers can choose what interests them and what doesn’t. Teachers or coordinators approve, through online verification, each student’s reading list as appropriate and challenging for the individual.  If you have any concerns about the content of titles on the book lists, we encourage you to become involved in your child's book selections so they are appropriate.

For the full Premier's Reading Challenge book list Click Here

Brand new books for 2019!!!

Print a Book List chart to keep track of your books

Number of books you need to read

Prep to year 2
Number of books: 30
Number of books from the challenge book list: 20 or more

What you can read

Most of the books you read should be from the challenge book lists. The rest can be any book you choose.

You can read books on the book list for your year level or a level above and they will count towards your challenge total. You should check with your teachers or parents if you are not in year 9 or 10 and want to read a book from that list. This list includes titles for mature readers.

You can read a book from a level below your year level if your teacher agrees. You still need to read the number of books for your year level to meet the challenge.

You can also count the books you read for the MS Readathon in the challenge.

For children below school age

The guidelines are:

  • each child must be registered as a challenger online and their parent or guardian must keep a record of their reading
  • the child must be a young child who is not yet attending a school or is not of school age
  • between March and 6 September 2019 each child must read or have read with them 40 books. There are lots of suggestions for books on the challenge book list
  • children can read books by themselves or with someone else, for example, a parent or guardian, carer, brother or sister, buddy or friend. This support is important if the child is just learning to read.
  • the child’s parent, guardian or the challenge coordinator at the early childhood service must verify the child has read the correct number of books and update their online record to reflect this
  • an email will be sent one month before the challenge finishes to remind the early childhood service to log in and verify the records.
  • All information must be completed online before 6 September 2019.

Early childhood services can set their own timelines within the challenge key dates. Please check with your service. 


Where to get books for the Challenge

You should be able to find many suitable books in your school or local library. You may have books at home that you can add to your children’s reading lists. Remember too that you can add books that are not listed on the challenge book list - these can be added as personal choice books.

Errors, omissions and out of print books

The 2019 book list can be readily updated to rectify errors in bibliographic details or in representing books in a series, or omissions from a series. The book list can also be searched by the category 'Out of print'.

If you notice errors, omissions or titles which are out of print, email the Premier's Reading Challenge team.


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