Happy Birthday Trent

The benefits of having companion dogs in classrooms include:

Physical benefits. Interaction with companion dogs has been shown to reduce blood pressure, provide physical stimulation and assist with pain management.

Social benefits. The presence of a companion dog promotes greater self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers.

Cognitive benefits. It has been empirically proven that companion and therapy dogs stimulate memory and problem-solving skills.

Emotional and mental health benefits. A recent national survey (USA) of adolescent mental health found that about 8 to 10 percent of teens ages 13 to 18 have an anxiety disorder.  Companion dogs can lift moods in the classroom, often provoking laughter. The companion dog is also there to offer friendship and a shoulder to lean on for students.
Reference: https://www.therapydogs.com/therapy-dogs-classrooms-campuses/

We are thrilled to constantly witness the positive impact Trent has on the Carranballac community.

If your child suffers a dog allergy or if you have any concerns regarding your child’s contact with Trent please contact the Office by phone 93953533 or email carranballac.p9@edumai.vic.gov.au


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