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We wish to advise families that the Compass School Manager software and App will be undergoing to a series of updates over the coming weeks and into the next term.  For more information please click on read more.

We are very pleased with the number of updates Compass is introducing over the coming weeks, in a bid to make the online portal and the Compass App more user friendly, intuitive and functional.  The introduction of these updates will allow parents/guardians to fulfill a range of tasks in the App; streamlining events and excursions processes, and further ensuring student safety. 

You may notice the following updates online and in your App over the coming weeks:

  • Provide consent for events/excursions from their phone, including multiple events/excursions at once
  • Process payments from the mobile app, including the new option to save credit card details
  • Set up a Payment Plan to pay for approved events or excursions over a series of instalments
  • Confirm Medical Action Plans are up-to-date in case of an emergency during an event or excursion.
We have provided you with access to a number of video tutorials in order to assist with new App functionality and an introduction to the new software interface.  In order to watch the tutorials, you will be required to input your name and a valid email address.

Using the Compass School Manager App: This video takes you through the  range of features and options of the Compass School Manager app including adding notes, accessing reports and viewing the newsfeed.

The Parent Portal overview: You will be taken through aspects such as how to access your child’s information, the menu content, newsfeed and more to assist with becoming familiar with their parent portal.

Adding a note/approval: How to add a note to explain your child’s attendance after their child has been marked NP/U or L/U and also how to add a note in advance for a known upcoming absence.

Processing Events: This video covers the process of how you can consent/pay online for events via the parent portal on your computer.

Processing Events in App: This video guides you through processing event consent/payment via the Compass School Manager App

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