Year 9 Careers Guidance

Year 9 students at Carranballac have the opportunity to obtain Careers Guidance and Advice utilising the sophisticated and widely-known career profiling system, Morrisby.  Parent consent is required, click read more to download your consent and return by Friday 6 September.

At Carranballac P-9 College we will be introducing the Morrisby profile for each of our students currently in Year 9.  The Morrisby Profile is one of the most widely-known and sophisticated services in career guidance.

These tests are personalised with a detailed analysis of results and will present it instantly on their profile. Throughout their school career, they will have access to their profiles adapting/editing as they progress. It provides them with the power to take responsibility for their future. 
The profile consists of assessments and several resources to help aid with decision making. These career choices are accompanied by 600 videos to help you and your child discuss and plan for the future. Students will change their minds on what they would like to do after Year 12, with Morrisby they have the ability to make those changes and get help on what to do next, who to speak with and what is needed to make my path smoother in choosing a career. Morrisby is not a knowledge assessment, it is a profile with personal likes and interests. 
The students take a range of assessments to identify their strengths, some examples of the test includes spatial, verbal, abstract, mechanical and numerical assessments to aid with better subject selection. It will provide instant profile results.

Payment and consent for this event is due on the 06/09/2019

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