Run4Fun Colour Explosion

Friday 1 November is a Carranballac Casual Clothes Day for students, in addition to the P&F Colour Fun Run Event.  Students attending school in “Casual Clothes” and/or “Participating in the Fun Run” are required to provide a $2 donation.  Students who are listed as Fundraisers are not required to provide $2 for the day.


Due to Compass technology issues we are required to obtain a paper consent advising permission for your child to participate in the School Run4Fun Colour Explosion. We apologise to those families who provided Compass consent, and ask that you return this paper form to replace your online consent.

Parents are required to complete and return the consent form to their child’s Teacher or the College Office no later than the morning of Friday 1 November. If you DO NOT provide consent your child will not be able to participate in the School Run 4Fun Colour Explosion.

All measures have been taken to ensure that this event is safe for all students.  There will be various colour powder stations throughout the course with two designated lanes – one for colour powder, the other with no powder. Your child can still participate in the event should you not wish for them to be sprayed with colour powder. The staff will do their best to throw the powder at the torso, however wind and other factors can cause the powder to protrude on the face. You may wish for your child to bring their own eye protection such as sunglasses or goggles.  Based on the toxicology profiles of the powders used, their concentrations in the formulation and the mode of use, the colour powder is considered safe for use. Students with lung issues such as asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate. The colour powder used in the event is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly consisting of 98% corn starch and 2% food colouring. It will likely washout of your child’s clothing, however we recommend that your child wears a plain white shirt that you don’t mind being coloured. That’s what the event is all about!  Should you wish to view the ingredient listings and toxicology risk assessment of the powder, please see the staff in the Administration Office.


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