Carranballac P-9 College Tour

While onsite College tours are not available we would love to invite you to visit our schools in this virtual tour.  Make yourself a cuppa, click Read More to take a tour of our College from your own living room.

Carranballac P-9 College welcomes new students. As part of our enrolment procedure parents are given the opportunity to take a personalised tour of the college with an Assistant Principal of Early Years (Foundation to 4) or Middle Years (5 to 9) during school hours. This allows parents to view the school, ask questions and share information about their child/ren. 
* Onsite tours are currently not available due to state government restrictions, however we encourage all prospective families to view the digital tour included above.

Neighbourhood boundaries do exist for schools.  Your government school boundaries can be found on and typing in your current residential address.  You have the option to select Primary, Secondary or Specialist Schools.

All enrolments are processed by our College Registrar Sherri Hamill. Please contact her on 9395 3533 if you have any queries or to arrange a tour and begin the process of enrolment. 

Documents Required for Enrolmment

Enrolment Forms are supplied at the conclusion of the college tour. Once completed you may return the Enrolment form to the Registrar at the Boardwalk School Office along with your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate. If your child was born overseas a copy of your child’s Passport & Visa will also be necessary.

Official documentation to confirm your residency in our neighbourhood area is also required. In order for the enrolment process to be completed you will need to supply three documents as proof of your residential address.

Carranballac P-9 College will be collecting your personal information to establish that you reside within the school’s neighbourhood area. Your information will not be disclosed to any other organisation without your consent, or unless authorised or required by law.

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