Years 3 & 4 AquaPulse Swimming Program

  • Date
  • October 10,2018

  • Time
  • 08:45:am - 03:00:pm

  • Location
  • Aqua Pulse

We strongly encourage all children to learn to swim. This is recommended both for their own and other’s safety, to improve their awareness and confidence around water and also just to have fun in a different physical environment. 

Students in Years 3 and 4 will be participating in an eight day intensive swimming program at AquaPulse. 

If your child is eligible for receipt of CSEF, please contact the school office if you would like your child’s entitlement to be used to pay for this program.

After an initial swimming assessment students will be placed into groups to cater for their level of skill development. Each session will be of 45 minutes duration. 

AquaPulse deliver the Swim & Survive™ program. The Swim & Survive™ program is a comprehensive swimming and water safety course, resulting in the "Victorian Water Safety Certificate". As a part of the Swim & Survive program and the Victorian Water Safety Certificate students must demonstrate continuous survival sequence by swimming in clothes. 

During this swimming program students may have altered recess or lunch times. Therefore it is important that they have snack and lunch provided from home. Lunch orders will not be available over this period.

Students will need to bring their bathers, a towel and goggles. Students will be required to change in and out of their swimwear at the pool. It is a good idea to have a plastic bag to put wet items into.

Students will need to bring a set of light clothes that can get wet on the second last day of the program in order to demonstrate a "continuous survival sequence" by swimming in clothes.

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