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Earlier this year the senior and junior rock bands were involved in song writing sessions with local songwriter, musician and producer Luke Yeoward. Over the course of the year, the bands continued to write and rehearse original material in the lead up to recording sessions with Luke at Half Way Records in Prahran. The result is four songs that are now available to you via our school newsletter and website for free download. Congratulations to all of our young song writer / musicians. Now sit back and feast your ears on these wonderful examples of pop music and wonder why you aren’t already hearing them on the radio!


“Fireflies” by Elevn

Alex – lead vocals and backing vocals

Ben – drums

Lilly – electric guitars and backing vocals

Elizabeth – lead, backing vocals and bass guitar

Mik – acoustic guitar


Lyrics Alex, Elizabeth

Music by Elizabeth, Alex, Cindy, Lilly and Ben

Click here to Download Fireflies


“Speechless” by Elevn

Krystal – lead vocals

Elizabeth – backing vocals

Corinne  – keyboard

Xy – acoustic guitar

Aidan – electric guitar

Mik – bass guitar

Ryder – drums


Lyrics by Krystal, Corinne, Xy, Ryder

Music by Krystal, Corinne, Xy, Aiden, Ryder

Click here to Download Speechless


“I Miss You” by Amplified

Valerie – lead and backing vocals

Bond - lead and backing vocals, electric guitar

Dillen – acoustic guitar and backing vocals

Lewis – keyboard and organ

Hamish – Bass guitar

Jordan– drums and tambourine


Lyrics by Valerie and Bond

Music by Valerie, Bond, Dillen, Lewis, Hamish, Jordan

Click here to Download I Miss You


“Love Isn’t In The Air” by Amplified

Lani – lead vocals and backing vocals

Sarah – lead vocals and backing vocals

Antony - Acoustic guitar

Elizabeth - Keyboards

Matt - Bass guitar

Max – drums

Richard – Electric Guitar


Lyrics by Lani, Krishna, Elizabeth, Antony and Izzy (work experience student)

Music by Lani, Anthony, Elizabeth, Matt, Max

Click here to Download Love Isn't In The Air



I would like to acknowledge the significant contribution of Alex Colston-Ing, who has been leading our Year 9 Music programs as well as the VET Students from around our district in Year 11 and 12. She has spent time teaching some Grade 3s and kicking off our new College Choir. Ms Colston-Ing is an incredibly dedicated teacher, an accomplished musician and an inspiration to her students. Perhaps most significantly, she has deep connections with the students she works with, and leaves us for the remainder of the year on maternity leave; we wish Ms Colston-Ing and her growing family all the best for the exciting times ahead. We look forward to her return in 2019!

Replacing Ms Colston-Ing is Richard Nguyen. Mr Nguyen is well known to the College through extensive volunteer work he has done in the past with the music department. He is a skilled and knowledgeable musician, who, like Ms Colston-Ing, has a natural affinity for children and young adults.
Madeliene Axiak joins us as the new choir leader and we are pleased to announce that the Choir has been given a name, “60 Strong”.

Saturday April 28 is our Country Fair, this provides the vast number of students in our extra-curricular and VET programs a perfect opportunity to share their developing talents and their hard work with our community. Carranballac has a long and proud history as a school with a performing arts focus. We look forward to showcasing the 95 students from Carranballac who are enrolled in our programs, along with the 28 students coming to Carranballac from other schools in the area. In all, 113 kids will be entertaining us at the fair! The time table for bands is as follows:
4pm - VET Certificate 3 Year 1 students
4:35 - VET Certificate 3 Year 2 students
5:30 - Mr Grima’s Yr 9 Elective VET Band students
6:00 - “60 Strong”, combined Carranballac Choir
6:15 – Mr. Weir’s Junior Rock Band
7:00 – “Amplified” (Senior Rock Band)

Similarly, we have a long and successful association with Wakakirri. Wakakirri involves thousands of students within the Eastern States of Australia in telling a story through dance. This year our Grade 6 Boardwalk students have been given the opportunity to join in the fun. Our students will be presenting the story related in the popular Paul Kelly and Kev Carmoday song “From Little Things Big Things Grow”.
Wakakirri performance nights for 2018 will be held at The Clocktower Centre in Moonee Ponds on either the 24th and 25th July (pending confirmation), with the Awards Night on 12th September.

During the first two Fridays of term two, the College rock bands have had the opportunity to be involved in song writing workshops with a New Zealand artist who is now based locally, Luke Yeoward. Luke has toured and recorded both in Australia and internationally and while still a working musician, he is turning his focus to developing an independent record label and recording studio named “Half Way Records”. Luke’s love and knowledge of a diverse range of music styles, along with his personable nature will provide an amazing opportunity for our young musicians to express themselves through original songs.

From the 2nd May to the 4th, Mr. Weir’s Rock Band will head to Riddles Creek for two days of rehearsal and a performance at the local primary school. The “Amplify” Rock Band members benefited and developed incredibly during their camp, and if that is anything to go by - this will be a great opportunity to advance the performance capabilities of the group. Tight bonds are forged amongst the members during these camps, and as with previous camps, Gaye Edmonds will come to support the program, as will parent, Kim Green.

Phew! It’s gonna be a big few weeks. Hope to see you at the Fair!




Soundgarage Enrolments have opened for 2018

Classes are available for 2018 students in Year 1 - Year 9.  To enrol your child print and complete the enrolment form


Lessons are available for:

  • Singing and Performance
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Drums


Early Years concerts

The music team would like to congratulate the students for their participation in the Early Years Concerts.  The students’ behaviour and performances were impeccable and they approached the whole experience with a positive attitude.  We must also thank the community for their full support of the events.  Having so many turn up for the concerts provided a really lovely atmosphere for the students. For the filming of the concerts we have had to search for another service provider as the one used in previous years is no longer in business. CEVE services have taken another look at their pricing structure for the concerts and have offered special deals which will support families with multiple children should you want to purchase the film. Links are provided below.


2018 rock bands

Over the last few weeks we have been working our way through over 160 auditions for both our 2018 rock bands.  We thank all the students for their efforts.  We will be ready to announce the successful players by the end of the week. The rock band is a serious commitment and the successful students must be prepared for a lot of work and commitment but a lot of fun along the way. If your child is not successful, please accept the disappointment but have a conversation centred around resilience. Everything does not always go our way but it is important to overcome disappointment and move on with a positive attitude.


Family Carols nights

We are looking forward to our Family Carols night which will be held on the oval at Boardwalk Campus from 6pm to 8pm.  We invite families to bring a blanket and come along for a sing and enjoy our final performances from our 2017 rock bands.


"Everyone" EP release!

We have received copies of Minor Sensation’s EP, "Everyone", a collection of self-penned tunes from our students. They will be available at both offices for $10 with a limited supply.  So get in early to avoid disappointment!


2017 Thanks

The Arts department would like to thank the community for their ongoing support this year.  We have had a huge 2017!! Wakakirri performances have spanned over our Year 5/6 and Year 9 grades, the Rock Band has performed in over 25 gigs, Minor Sensation's first EP was produced after participating in a song writing workshop.  Not to mention, Rockfest’s Battle of the Bands, Music Camp, Early Years concerts, and a VET program that continues to grow.  We are grateful for the large number of school supported events, and hope that you have a very happy holiday over the summer break.



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