Music and Performing Arts

Concert dates

This year we welcome the Year 5 cohort into our annual concert! We will also be spreading our concerts out to avoid our music teachers putting on four shows in four consecutive nights! The dates are below, more details to follow in the near future:


Years F, 1 & 2

Term 3, school week 9;

Boardwalk - Tuesday 10 September

6:00 – FA, 1A, 2A

6:30 – FB, 1B, 2B

7:00 – FC, 1C, 2C


Jamieson Way - Wednesday 11 September

6:00 – FP, 1P, 2P

6:30 – FQ, 1Q, 2A

7:00 – FR, 1R, 2R


Years 3, 4 & 5

Term 4, school week 3,

Boardwalk - Tuesday 2October

6:00 – 3A, 4A, 5A

6:30 – 3B, 4B, 5B

7:00 – 3C, 4C, 5C


Jamieson Way - Wednesday 23 October

6:00 – 3P, 4T, 5P

6:30 – 3Q. 4V, 5Q

7:00 – 3R, 4R, 5R

7:30 – 3S, 4S, 5S



69 Year six students, from our Boardwalk and Jamieson Way campuses, have begun rehearsals for Wakakirri. This year we have a new choreographer, local dancer / actor Emily Carnibella, replacing our long time associate, Carly Perry, who has moved interstate. Our Wakakirri performance will be on Tuesday July 23 at the Clocktower Centre in Mooney Ponds. Information regarding tickets will be sent to the families of participants in the near future. Our story is based on the work of broadcaster and natural historian, David Attenborough and his efforts to educate the world on the environment. Our students feel now is the time to act on his words. We will be sending a message that it is “time for a change’ with regards to our environment. Given our theme, we will be vying for the Environmental Award this year after having won the Indigenous Award last year. Each year, Wakakirri has a fun Signature Item; a little something to creatively weave into the narrative of the story. This year, it is a sloth! At our show, you will notice a sloth, slowly, slowly making its way around the stage…and now you’ll know why it is there!


Performances in the PAC

This Friday, our Junior, Senior and Year 9 Elective bands will be performing their Rock Fest sets to fellow students in the PAC. The Rockfest Battle of the Bands is on June 18, so preparations are well underway. The Junior and Senior band will be featuring the original songs, written in our song writing workshops earlier in term 2, along with cover songs. For the Year 9 Elective group, Rockfest will be their third performance; exciting, particularly given that most of this group had never played in a band previous to this year!


Primary school music

Our Year 3 to 6 students have been busy learning the ukulele in classroom music. Year threes are grappling with the coordination of forming chords and strumming with great resilience, while the Year sixes are moving onto more chords and more complex strumming patterns. Year five and six are also adding in keyboard and they’ll be experimenting with improvisation (making up solos).

Event Calendar

October 2021

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