Sports and Physical Education

Hobsons Bay Division Volleyball Competition


On Friday 13th October the Year 5/6 Boardwalk super volleyball team played in the Hobsons Bay Division Volleyball competition which was held at Eagle Stadium in Werribee. The team had been training extremely hard all term under the coaching of Ms Robinson. They should be commended for their fantastic enthusiasm and willingness to develop their skills. On the day, the team won their first two matches against Williamstown North Primary School and Altona Green PS. However they lost their third round match against St Margaret Mary’s school in Spotswood.


Congratulations to all team members for such a great effort!


Daniel, Chelsea, Natey, Will, Azaria, Ria, Josh, Chloe, Zane, Fletcher and Katu.



Year 7 & 8 NRL Clinics


For the next couple of weeks the Year 7 & 8 students at both Boardwalk and Jamieson Way will receive free Rugby clinics from the NRL Development team during their PE sessions at school. These sessions are valuable in assisting the students to develop the necessary skills, strategies and ruler knowledge they require to play competition rugby tag or league. Students will be selected to participate in the upcoming Robbie Kearns Shield Rugby Competition (being held on Friday 27th October at Haines Reserve, Werribee) based upon their performance and good attitude displayed during the clinics and their sport practice sessions.



Year 9 Sport Elective – Yoga Class


As part of their learning about the elements of fitness, the Year 9 ‘My Body the Machine’ sport elective group participated in a yoga class to improve their knowledge about the importance of flexibility for general health and wellbeing. This class was excellent for developing concentration levels as well!




Carranballac's Sports and Physical Education program in Term 4 looks full to the brim with an exciting and enriching experience planned for students.  Key dates are listed below:


  • 11/10/17 : Hobsons Bay Division Year 5/6 Softball @ Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale
  • 11/10/17 : Year 7 & 8 NRL Coaching Clinic @ Boardwalk
  • 13/10/17 : Year 5/6 Volleyball @ Eagle Stadium, Ballan Rd, Werribee
  • 13/10/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective – ‘My Body the Machine’ Yoga session incursion
  • 17/10/17 : WMR Primary Athletics @ Keilor Park Athletics Track
  • 18/10/17 : Year 7 & 8 NRL Coaching Clinic @ Jamieson Way
  • 27/10/17 : Robbie Kearns Shield Rugby @ Werribee Bears RLC (Haines Drive Reserve, Werribee)
  • 27/10/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’ - Arrows Plus Excursion (Session (1)
  • 3/11/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’ - Arrows Plus Excursion (Session (1)
  • 10/11/17 : WMR Year 8 Boys Volleyball @ Leisure time Centre, 282 Anakie Rd, Norlane.
  • 1/12/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’ – Conduit Martial Arts Centre (Session 1) incursion
  • 8/12/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’ – Conduit Martial Arts Centre (Session 2) incursion
  • 15/12/17 : Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’ – Conduit Martial Arts Centre (Session 3) incursion


Recent Events, Achievements and Results 


Year 7 & 9 Hockey Competition

On Wednesday 13th September, the Carranballac College Secondary student hockey teams played in the Hobsons Bay Division competition against the Williamstown teams. The Year 9 Intermediate team played first against Williamstown Pasco, with a few helpers from Year 7. They played very well, and the game went into overtime, with both teams being even 1 all at the end of the match. Williamstown Pasco just scored an extra goal in overtime. The Year 7s played against Williamstown Bayview immediately after, with everybody having a go and trying their best. The score was 6-0 in favour of Williamstown Bayview.  Well done to all students who have trained hard during their sport sessions this term.

Overall Results

Year 7 Carranballac College : 0 V Williamstown Bayview College : 6

Year 9 Carranballac College : 1 V Williamstown Pascoe College : 2


Year 5/6 Interschool Sport – Summer District finals

On Friday 15th September the following teams played against Point Cook P- 9 College to complete the ‘Summer’ round of District competition:


Overall results:


  • Boardwalk Boys Basketball 40 V  Point Cook P-9 College 59
  • Boardwalk Mixed Rounders 20 V Point Cook College 19
  • Jamieson Way Softball 14 V Point Cook College 2
  • Jamieson Way Cricket 132 V Point Cook College 66


Congratulations to the Rounders and Softball teams who both won their matches. The softball team will now proceed to play in the Hobsons Bay Division Competition scheduled on Wednesday 11th October at Presidents Park in Werribee. Although the rounders team were successful, there is no competition available at the Division level for this sport.


Year 9 Sport Elective ‘My Body the Machine’: Basketball & Netball Fun matches against Alamanda P-9 College


On Friday 15th September, Alamanda College Year 9 Netball and Basketball teams played against the students in the Friday Sport elective group. The teams displayed some high level team work and skills despite little training time together except during lunch times. The girls’ netball was very exciting with goal – to – goal scoring for most of the match. The end result a 0-20 draw.


The boys basketball was also very fast paced with quite a few attempts at long shots and three pointers. The overall score was 31-18 in favour of the Alamanda team.


Year 7 & 8 Altona Lacrosse Clinics

During term 3, the Altona Lacrosse Club provided three experienced coaches from the USA to deliver some SOF lacrosse clinics to the Year 7 & 8 students during their physical education classes. The students enjoyed learning the fundamentals of the game such as cradling, scooping, catching and throwing the ball, which they applied in modified game situations.


Point Cook District Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday 16th August, the selected Year 3-6 Carranballac College Athletics team participated in the Point Cook District Athletics Carnival held at the VU athletics Track in Werribee. Well done to everyone who put in their best effort to compete in the wintery weather.  Congratulations to the following students who won their events and qualified to compete at the next round, the ‘Hobsons Bay Division Primary Athletics Carnival’ on Wednesday 13th September: Ellie 3/4B (9/10 Girls 800m), Ben 5/6S (800m & Discus), Imogen 3/4B (11 girls 800m), Campbell 5/6V (12/13 Boys 800m), Zoe (11 girls Hurdles), Brooklyn 5/6Q (12/13 Girls 4x100m relay), Sarah 5/6V ((12/13 Girls 4x100m relay), Tahana 5/6Q (12/13 Girls 4x100m relay), Poppy (12/13 Girls 4x100m relay), Joshua 3/4A (9/10 Boys 200m), Riley 3/4P (9/10 Boys 1500m & High Jump), Nelrick 3/4P (9/10 Boys Discus), Saige 3/4R (9/10 Girls shot put & Discus), Marley 3/4P (9/10 Boys Triple Jump), Sienna 5/6R (12/13 Girls triple jump), Sophia 3/4T (9/10 girls High Jump), Ryder 5/6C (11 Boys High Jump), Levi 5/6J (12/13 Boys High Jump), Freeman 5/6S (9/10 Boys Long Jump), Teleah 3/4P (9/10 Girls Long Jump), Michael 5/6P (11 Boys Long Jump).



Year 9 Sport Elective Group – VU Fitness Centre Gym Sessions

This term the Year 9 Sport Elective group, “My Body the Machine” have been developing their understanding of the elements of fitness required in sports. They have been participating in a variety of strength programs at the VU Fitness Centre in Hoppers Crossing which everyone really enjoyed!

On Monday 28th August, the Year 9 Sport elective group, ‘My Body the Machine’ participated in a plyometrics, core strength and stability program organised by the Victoria University students which was held at the Whitten Oval gymnasium in Footscray. The students were put through a series of activity stations which tested their ability use speed, power, agility and muscular strength. It was a very engaging afternoon.


Sporting Schools Year 3/4 Gymnastics Program

This term the sporting schools grant went towards providing the Year 3/4 classes a 4-week Gymnastics Program developed by Resilience Gymnastics Club in Hoppers Crossing. The students really loved learning all the gymnastic positions and performing the various types of movements. Great involvement and lots of fun was had by everyone!

Hobsons Bay Division (Secondary) Athletics Carnival

On Monday 4th September the Carranballac College year 7-9 Athletics team competed in the Hobsons Bay Division Athletics Carnival which was held at the Newport Athletics track. Despite the very poor and cold weather, there were a number of students who performed extremely well and have now qualified to attend the WMR (Secondary) Athletics Carnival which is being held on Thursday 21st September at the Moonee Valley Athletics track. Those students and events are highlighted in bold:

Individual Results:

Suilago 1st 13 Boys High jump (1.5m), 1st 13 Year Boys Triple Jump (10.08m), 2nd 13 Year Boys Shot put (10.6m), 2nd 13 Year Boys Long Jump (10.08m), 2nd 13 Year Boys Discus (21.56m);Abbey  3rd 14 Year Girls Long Jump (3.72m); Kasey 2nd 15 Year Girls 100m (16.17sec);  Ayman 6th 16 Year Boys 100m (14.49sec); Leanna 1st 14 Year Girls Shot put (8.07m), 4th 14 Year Girls Discus (18.38); Cooper 6th 14 Year Boys 100m (14.59); Lachlan 1st 14 Year Boys High Jump (1.65m); Josh 2nd 13 Year Boys 100m (2.41.87); Taylah 2nd 15 Year Girls Long Jump (3.83m); Jermaine 1st 15 Year Boys Triple Jump (9.92m); Emmanuel 2nd 2nd 13 Year Bous Javelin (5.54m), 6th 13 Year Boys Long Jump (3.95m); Guylaine 3rd 13 Year Girls Long Jump (3.7m); Tess 6th 13 Year Girls Triple Jump (6.77m); Brianna 2nd 15 Year Girls Triple Jump (7.82m).

Relay team results:

1st 13 Year Boys 4x100m relay, 3rd 13 Year Girls 4x100m relay, 5th 14 Year Girls 4x100m relay, 2nd 15 year boys 4x100m relay, 4th 15 Year girls 4x100mm relay



Year 7 & 8 Basketball

The Year 7 Carranballac P-9 College basketball teams played their Hobsons Bay Division Competition last Tuesday 29th August at the Altona Sports Stadium. They have been training hard all term during their sport sessions and were enthusiastically ready to play.  All four teams really enjoyed themselves, winning and losing some matches throughout the day. Ms Birkenhead reported that the students displayed good sportsmanship towards their opposing teams. The Year 8 teams were also competitive, however missed out winning in the finals rounds of the competition.



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