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On Thursday 24th November students from Carranballac's Green Gang will be participating in the Suzanne Cory Environmental Conference.  Students will be taking part in activities such as DIY Candle-making, Make your own Toothpaste, Recycling/Trash Toss, Soda Stream activity and an Egg Presentation with Apps.


The conference supports the work covered by the Carranballac College Kids Teaching Kids program, in which the Suzanne Cory students have taken part at our Boardwalk campus for three years. This opportunity allows all Green Gang students to enrich their understanding of science in the environment.



After at least ten years of playing on sometimes dry, bare and uneven surfaces, students and their families were happy to see the long awaited Boardwalk Oval upgrade begin in 2016.  First, a $399,300 State Government Grant enabled an extension of the Point Cook recycled water pipeline to Boardwalk Campus, in late 2015.  Second, in early 2016 construction began on site at Boardwalk, courtesy of another State Government Grant of $181,000, enabling various facilities to be built on site to enable the dream to become reality.

Finally in 2016, after six months without a large playing space at all, campus students were very happy when they conducted an opening ceremony at lunchtime on Fri 14 Oct, and allowed all students to enjoy their beautiful new grounds. 





Wyndham City and the Werribee Open Range Zoo devoted a day of activities to school children themed around loving your locals! Carranballac College was invited to participate, and sent a group of Students to engage in a fantastic initiative called "Love Your Locals."


The aim of Love Your Locals is:
To foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Wyndham’s endangered species and the natural environment through 'Love Your Locals'
To broaden student knowledge on local environment and sustainability issues.
To look at positive actions we can take as individuals and as a community to lessen our environmental impact and reduce threats to endangered species and ecosystems.


 The kids have done an amazing job at Melbourne University which was hosting the Kids Teaching Kids Conference. They were very well organised and gave extremely good presentations. The work was based on the science and hygiene associated with treating sewage and converting it to recycled water, and conserving habitat at Melbourne's Western treatment plant.

Students gave a captivating audiovisual presentation on the journey the Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper (a migratory bird) that makes its way from Point Cook to Siberia and return on a yearly basis.  Students also spoke about the journey that sewage makes until it returns to our school ovals as recycled water.

During their visit to Melbourne University they also visited a Medical Laboratory and discussed Physiology and Neuroscience.



Carranballac College Students at the Melbourne University Kids Teaching Kids Conference (October 2016)


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