Student's Guide to Cyber Safety

Congratulations to Carranballac College for achieving its eSmart accreditation. eSmart Schools provide a framework that guides the introduction of policies, practices and whole-school change processes to support the creation of a cyber safe or "eSmart" environment in line with the core values of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.



eSmart Schools work in partnership with families to guide this generation of children to be safe, smart and responsible while interacting online.





COURAGE- It takes courage to stand up and be someone’s super hero! But one person really can make a difference. And that person could be you.


SUPPORT - When you’re going through a tough time, and cyberbullying is really affecting how you feel, knowing that there’s people out there who can help you can make all the difference! And getting support is an important part of turning things around.


EMPOWER - You can take back your power, and start feeling great again. It’s time to Rewrite Your Story.


GUIDANCE - Remember that it’s ok to ask for help, because with the right advice and people to point you in the right direction, things WILL get better.






Report Cyberbullying

Kids Help Line


Beyond Blue


eSmart School

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