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Our aim for the future is to give every student, in the Middle Years, access to a One-to-One IT device, whether it be an ICT device owned by the student or a computer supplied by the College for use in the classroom only. In 2018, the College purchases 232 TouchScreen Notebooks across both Campuses. They will be made available in the Early Years (Foundation to Year 6) as Class Sets in special computer trolleys.


In Term 4, 2017, 3-D Printing was introduced as an Elective after the College invested in a semi commercial 3-D Printer. In 2018, Robotics and  Computer Coding will be introduced in the Middle Years (Years 7-9).


We are excited about what we have been able to achieve in the last 2-3 years in the area of Information and Communication Technology.



A message from the College Director regarding ICT developments at the College and a list of recommended Computers parents may wish to purchase.


January, 2018


Dear Parents,

I am very pleased to inform parents that over two and a half years we have had a number of exciting developments in the area of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), both in terms of provision of new hardware and new software at the College.


We upgraded our ICT infrastructure at the Jamieson Way and Boardwalk Campuses, making our ICT network more stable, reliable and much faster. 

These changes are being done to facilitate the smooth introduction of curriculum and administrative software packages which we have or will be installing on our College ICT Network. Let me briefly highlight some of the software we have introduced:

  • The introduction of Compass. An Administrative and Learning Management System which teachers and parents use extensively. We plan to introduce students to Compass this year as a learning management tool. 
  • We are in the process of developing a platform for each student to create their own Digital Student Portfolio online.
  • Student and staff can now access MS Office 365, including 1TB of storage space on OneDrive (this is Microsoft version of iCloud).\
  • I have already mentioned 3-D printing, which also incorporates the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD). We hope to expand this new technology into other levels at the College

This now brings me to the most important purpose for this letter. In order to get the most out of the above software, students must have access to One-to-One Computer devices 24/7.

We have investigated a number of IT device options, including their prices. I sent out a letter to all parents last year with a list of suitable computer, recommended prices and the supplier the College uses. However, if you already have a notebook or an iPad at home and you wish to allow your child to bring these devices to school (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), my technicians will be able to advise you on whether the devices can be connected to our EduSTAR WiFi. However, if your child does bring his/her own ICT device to school, please make sure it has the most recent Virus software installed. 

Our aim for the future is to have every student, in the Middle Years, having access to a One-to-One IT device, whether it be an ICT device owned by the student or a computer, supplied by the College for use in the classroom only. 

We will keep you informed about other areas my ICT Team will be investigating and looking at introducing into the classroom.

If you have any questions about the anything I have raised in this Notice, please contact me. If I can’t answer your questions, a member of my ICT Team will.


Brendan O’Brien



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