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The first Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting for 2017 will be held tomorrow (Thurs 11th May).   The SRC is a group of students who meet to discuss issues that are of concern to students across the college.  These issues are then passed on to the college leadership for further consideration or action.   The SRC is also asked by the college leadership to consider matters on which the college is seeking student feedback.  The SRC is one of the primary ways that the college ensures that students have a voice in the college.

We would like to congratulate all the 2017 SRC representatives on their appointment.  Representatives were selected in one of two ways.  The representatives for the year levels were elected by their year level peers.  The representatives for the interest groups were selected by staff from a pool of over 140 students who had nominated themselves for selection within particular interest groups.  All the students should be very proud of themselves.  Whether selected by their peers or by staff, this is quite an achievement.


2017 SRC Representatives

Category Boardwalk Jamieson Way
Year 5                     Fletcher Barth 5/6L Alex Turner 5/6V
Year 6                     Sam Micallef 5/6C               Will Trease-Gordon 5/6S
Year 7                     Liam Edney 7A                      Audrey Abelard 7P
Year 8                     Geneva Blake 8C                  Amisha Sinha 8Q
Year 9                     Radhe Parasram 9C            Faith Tiong 9R
Academic              Vishwa Kannan Priya 7C     Joshua Tabone 8R
Creative                                 Ashley Kumar 7A                  Elizabeth Ioane 5/6S
Diversity                Julie Zor 5/6L                        Joshua van den Brink 9P
EAL                                   Jasmine Stankov 8C    Arnavv Singh 7Q
ICT                           Adon Borg 5/6J                     Luka Konjicija 8P
Sport                                      Ali Khan7C             Melissa Emery 7Q
Technology                     Josh Jones 9B             Max Stott 8P

Henric Beiers

Student Leadership Development


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