Year 9 Electives

This year, the Year 9 Elective Showcase will be held online via the Carranballac P-9 College website.  Parents and Students currenly in Year 8 are invited to view the information and videos presented below, before making their decisions for the 2021 Year 9 Elective Classes.

Year 9 students at Carranballac P-9 College are given the opportunity to elect a number of additional subjects to participate in, in addition to the core Literacy and Numeracy program.  Students are provided with a quality variety of Arts, Physical Education, Technology, Design and Humanities subjects to choose from.  The following list of electives will be available for students enrolling in Year 9, for 2020.

Please note: Prices are indicative of 2019 Year 9 Electives and may be subject to change in 2020.  Please use these costs as a guide only.


Photography 101 ($45 : includes excursion)

During the semester, students will learn how to use a digital camera and improve their photographic skills as they develop a portfolio of photographic work over the two terms. Students will investigate compositional techniques, what makes a great photograph and how to get the best out of the camera. They will be introduced to photographic terms such as exposure, aperture and ISO and editing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Students will develop an appreciation of a number of well-known photographers in the field of portrait and landscape photography, as they explore the school area and surrounding wetlands in search of the perfect shot. It is not an expectation that students have their own camera, as equipment is available for students for use during elective lessons.


Visual Communication - Graphic Design ($20)
Information doesn’t sell, emotions sell. How can we create emotions using design?
Students will develop and present visual communications that demonstrate the application of design elements and design principles that meet the requirements of a specific brief and target audience. This unit focuses on individual set tasks, the exploration of design elements and principles, and producing manual and digital works. Students will explore Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create works. This unit encompasses all kinds of 2D communications. Students will explore typography, logo design, package/surface design, corporate identity design and advertising.


Homage to the Archiband ($20)
Painting the outside; seeing the inside. How do artists reflect the inner self?
Students will explore the concept of personal style and create a range of portraits using several mediums. This unit is focused on individual set tasks and developing a folio of work, leading to a final assessment piece (a portrait using a selected medium.) They will investigate how artists depict the character of the subject through expressive qualities. Students will explore developmental sketching, grid enlargement techniques and trialling of ideas through mock up sketching. Students will produce one final portrait in a medium of their own choice for assessment. This unit is recommended for those students who are considering Art as a pathway to further studies.


From Comics to Manga ($20)
East VS West. How does culture influence art?
Students will explore stylistic conventions, universal themes and story-telling devices that emerge in comics, manga and anime. This unit focuses on developing a folio of work and producing a final comic or manga for assessment, which can be completed individually on in teams. Students will investigate the historical and cultural differences and similarities between the artistic conventions of the East and West. Students will experiment in drawing different styles of comics, cartooning, graphic novels, and manga. They will select a style of their own choosing and work to develop a final product.


Make Your Mark ($20)
How does art influence a sense of community?
Students will work in teams to produce large scale painted mural works around the college. This unit focuses heavily on painting, teamwork and co-operation and is best suited to students who enjoy working collaboratively. There are some individual tasks in which students will learn about different art movements. Students will be actively involved in different aspects and stages of the projects; planning artworks, design submissions, costing and sourcing supplies, making and finally, presenting the art.


Media Arts (Cost to be advised)
Do you have a love of films, music videos, animation, video games or graphic novels? Is the idea of creating and producing your own media art something that appeals? We live in a digital world where expressing yourself through different media platforms are available to everyone. Media arts will give you the opportunity to use your creative mind, while assessing, reflecting and exploring digital technology. Media Arts allows you to study films, exploring the techniques used to create them, while also having the opportunity to become storytellers through the avenues of film and media.


Café ($55)
Students are building on the Food Technology skills that learned throughout Year 8. Café is an employability skills program, teaching students to work in teams to develop a digital portfolio of café design, recipes, cost forecasting, and menu planning. Students will learn how to cook café style meals and desserts, and present the dishes with garnish and flair. Students will learn how to prepare food for people in our school community, and learn how to use a commercial Barista machine to make various forms of barista coffee. Café students are required to join the Carranballac Coffee Club and make coffees for the school community.


My Kitchen Rules ($55)
This program will open your eyes to international home cooking (Euro/Asian fusion) covering food and cuisine from all corners of the world. This will include dishes with Asian, European, and Australian Indigenous influence. My Kitchen Rules ‘learning for life’ emphasis will be on creating healthy, timesaving dishes that can be replicated in the home. Students will develop a weekly menu for a family of four, developing food and domestic budgeting, researching and identifying how individual ingredients may be used in multiple ways.


MasterChef (pre-requisite: Café or My Kitchen Rules) ($55)
Students will learn advanced Barista skills with a commercial barista machine producing Latte Art, and various coffees in a designed business setting, Coffee club and the J-Way Café. Students will work in groups to design a coffee/ cake shop and learn petite cake making and designing. Students will learn advanced cooking methods such as fresh making pasta, sauces, sushi, pastries and other advanced dishes. Students will design and cost menus for school functions such as Parent Information evenings and student learning conferences and develop a digital portfolio of their work.


Fashion ($70)
Students will have the opportunity to learn basic fashion drawing techniques. Students will learn surface fabric embellishment techniques and fabric manipulation. Students will use this knowledge to design and generate products. Students will develop a portfolio showing the various phases of the design process from idea to construction, and analyse and evaluate their product against ethical and sustainability best practice in the fashion industry.

Furniture ($80)
Students will be given the opportunity to design, produce and evaluate a project within specific guidelines. Students will be responsible for their own work, ensuring that it is well organised and kept secure after each session. You will be required to be an independent thinker and develop a critical awareness of design and technology from the perspective of both consumer and designer.


Mallets and Marimbas (No Cost)
In this Wood Tech elective, students will build musical instruments, called marimbas that will become part of the college music program equipment. Students will learn some unusual shaping techniques, be cutting and measuring interesting angles and learn about the sounds that different length timbers and different shaped boxes make. Mallets are a type of hammer and name of the sticks used to play the instruments. We will be using both! Students will be able to leave their name on a plaque inside the instrument as a permanent record of their creation. At the end of the unit the students will learn to play a piece of music on the instruments they have made, and perform it at assembly.


Cert II Music Industry– Elective program ($225 plus ear plugs, estimated at $20-$30)
In 2019, a Certificate II program will again be offered to students who are interesting in furthering their music education. There is a focus on performance and as such, students spend 90 minutes per week working in bands to develop a set of songs. Opportunities to perform publicly are offered and form a portion of the assessment tasks. As well as a focus on cultivating performance capabilities, the course aims to build competencies in industry OH&S standards; listening and evaluating music; sound editing; composing. This course is not graded, rather, students will be deemed competent and will receive their Certificate II in Music Industry if they successfully complete all of the assessment tasks. This accreditation creates an option to continue onto Certificate III in the senior years of high school; this course is also offered at Carranballac College.


Cert II – Rock band program ($225 plus ear plugs, estimated at $20-$30)
Entry to the Rock Band Program is via auditions, which are held towards the end of the 2018 school year. Places in the band are highly valued and the auditions hotly contested by a great many students. As the Rock Band is often on display, successful applicants are expected to demonstrate high standards with regards to the College values. The focus on performance will see students spend several hours a week setting up and packing down musical gear, developing a diverse set of songs and a fostering a strong sense of stage craft. Furthermore, Rock Band members undertake units to complete the Certificate II in Music Industry. As well as a focus on cultivating performance aptitudes, the course aims to build competencies in industry OH&S standards; listening and evaluating music; sound editing; composing. This course is not graded, rather, students will be deemed competent and will receive their Certificate II in Music Industry if they successfully complete all of the assessment tasks. This accreditation creates an option to continue onto Certificate III in the senior years of high school; this course is also offered at Carranballac College.


Computer-Aided Design - CAD (Cost to be advised)
During Computer-Aided Design, students will use computer technology for the design and development process. Students will investigate, plan, manage design projects with specific criteria, and produce drawings, models and prototypes using technical drawing techniques, digital imaging programs and 3D printers.


Science Tech - Model Solar Car Challenge ($10)
This elective will give students the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by developing environmentally aware technology. This includes both using old technologies more efficiently and through the appropriate and sustainable introduction of renewable energies and technology. Students will have the opportunity to independently design and build a technological and environmentally sustainable model car. In some circumstances, it may be necessary for some components to be either purchased or made using equipment unavailable to most students. To make up for this, it is important that students should be able to show some understanding of the processes which were or could have been used for the making of these non-standard components (e.g. solar panels). The students are expected to understand the workings of their car and to be able - without outside assistance - to make all necessary adjustments or repairs to their vehicle.


My Body the Machine ($80 all activities are included)
Students will develop an understanding of the elements of fitness required in sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They will participate in a number of testing procedures in order to assess their personal fitness level, design training goals and develop various fitness programs. Students will be required to participate in three gym sessions at the Victoria University Recreation Centre. The theoretical focus will include developing knowledge of various body systems and how physique and body composition impact upon sports performance. This unit emphasises the importance of motivation as an important factor in physical activity. Students will also apply the principles of coaching and training in designing sport skill programs for younger students. Other factors influencing sports performance will also be considered including nutrition and competition diets for athletes, sports injury management and illegal performance enhancing strategies in sport i.e.: ASADA – anti doping codes and drug testing practices.


Challenging Your ‘Self’ – Outdoor Education ($150)
In this Outdoor Education elective, you will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen your sense of self and connectedness to your environment. You will be introduced to the idea that healthy, sustainable living includes physical fitness, psychological wellbeing, cognitive capabilities and cultural and environmental responsibility. During this elective, you will visit local wetlands, navigate your way through an orienteering challenge, go walking through the bush, cook on a trangia, visit an escape room (you may never get out!) and develop your skills for participation in Cave Hill Creek Camp. By actively participating, you will challenge the boundaries of your ‘comfort zone’ in a safe and inclusive environment; build your confidence and ability to make decisions in a variety of settings. *Cave Hill Camp costs are not included in the course cost for Challenging Your ‘Self’


Duke of Edinburgh ($180 registration [optional] $110 Course Costs)
This elective is based around the Bronze Level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. To achieve the award you will complete four elements; Service/Volunteering, Hobby/Skill, Physical Activity and Adventurous Journey. The elective will introduce you to knowledge, skills, organisations and environments that will help with completing these four elements. You will complete the Hobby/Skill and Physical Activity elements out of school. The college will assist by providing Service/Volunteering opportunities at school if needed. You will plan the adventurous journey as part of the elective and it will be carried out with the mentoring of college staff. During this elective, you will navigate from a map, plan a bushwalking menu, and learn survival skills such as emergency management, cook advanced recipes on a trangia, help a local environment group, put up tents and go bushwalking. You will also be developing essential skills for the future, such as getting a first aid qualification, resume writing and interviewing. By actively participating, you will further challenge the boundaries of your ‘comfort zone’ in a safe and inclusive environment, build your independence and extend your leadership skills. It is preferred that you have completed the ‘Challenge Yourself” elective prior to commencing the Duke of Edinburgh.

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