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About this website

This information is written by the Department of Education and Training.  This is about the excursion consent form.

Excursions are school activities that students go to outside of school.

For example:

  • the zoo
  • the swimming pool

A consent form is a piece of paper you sign to say your child can go on an excursion.

What the form tells you

The form tells you

  • where the excursion will be
  • why the excursion is important
  • what your child will do
  • if you need to pay money
  • the time the excursion starts and ends
  • where your child will stay if the excursion is overnight
  • how your child will travel on the excursion. For example, by bus or train.

What you say yes to

All parents or guardians must sign the consent form to say their child can go on an excursion.  Guardians are people who have a legal right to make choices for a child.


When you sign the form you say it is ok:

  • for your child to use computers and the internet on the excursion
  • for the school to take photos of your child on the excursion
  • for photos of your child on the excursion to go on the school newsletter or website
  • if the excursion is changed or cancelled

You must understand the risks of the excursion

When you sign the form you say

  • the school can send your child home early if they get sick on the excursion
  • your child can go in a car with a teacher in an

If the school can not contact you when your child needs medical help, your child may get help from

  • a doctor
  • a teacher.

When you sign the form you agree

  • the school will only pay if an accident is the school’s fault
  • the school can send your child home early if they behave very badly
  • you will pay for your child to go home early if they get sick or behave

You might want to get student accident insurance before the excursion.  Student accident insurance can help families pay for accidents that happen on excursions.

How to fill out the form


Before you sign the form make sure you

  • read the form
  • know what the form

You can get someone to help you.  Ask the school questions if you do not understand any part of the form.  You say yes to the excursion at the end of the form if you sign or type your name.

More information

 For more information contact:

  • your child’s teacher
  • the school administration office
  • the assistant principal
  • the school principal

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