IT Acceptable Use Agreement

At Carranballac P-9 College we support the right of all members of the school community to access safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces.  This agreement outlines the schools’ roles and responsibilities in supporting safe digital learning, as well as the expected behaviors we have of our students when using digital or online spaces.  Access to computers and the Internet is provided for the purposes of educational research and learning.  The purpose of this agreement is to provide rules for appropriate use of these facilities. Students and parents are asked to carefully read and then sign the following agreement. Further information about Carranballac P-9 College’s ICT policies can be found on our website.


Early Primary (Foundation - Year 2) Acceptable Use Agreement

Upper Primary (Year 3 - Year 6) Acceptable Use Agreement

Secondary (Year 7 - Year 9) Acceptable Use Agreement


To the student and parent/legal guardian/caregiver, please:

  1. Read the appropriate page carefully to check that you understand your responsibilities under this Agreement.
  2. Have a conversation with your child about what the agreement means, and discuss why it is necessary to be a safe, smart, and discerning user of the internet.
  3. Sign the appropriate section of the Acceptable Use Agreement and return to your child's Teacher.
  4. Install the appropriate Linewize certificate and Family Zone connection agent to your child's BYOD laptop (applicable for students in Year 5 - 9) in order for your child to access the internet at school. 


Staff at Carranballac P-9 College will:

  • Do our best to keep the College cyber safe, by maintaining an effective cyber safety program based on the Alannah & Madeline Foundation eSmart program, in line with DET policies and procedures. This includes working to restrict access to inappropriate, harmful or illegal material on the Internet or school IT equipment/devices at school or at school-related activities and enforcing the cyber safety rules and requirements detailed in the Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Keep a copy of this signed Acceptable Use Agreement form.  Students in Year 7 - 9 will sign a copy of this document in their Learning Journal.
  • Respond appropriately to any breaches of the Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Provide opportunities for members of the College community with cyber safety education designed to complement and support the eSmart initiative.
  • Welcome enquiries from students or parents about cyber safety issues.

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