Family Zone Information for BYOD laptops

Carranballac P-9 College has partnered with Linewize by Family Zone to improve the cybersafety solutions and strategies we employ in order to help guide your online development and behaviours.


As part of this partnership, we are have implemented Linewize’s Spotshield technology across our school.


What will this mean for me?

You will be required to install the Spotshield software on your device to access the school network. This software will ensure that during school hours, your device is protected, and we are able to ensure you are safe from accidental exposure to harmful content and focused on the appropriate learning resources.

We will be turning on SpotShield progressively throughout the term by year group and will be activating SpotShield by Friday 5 March.


Spotshield is a mandatory installation for any student with a BYOD device wanting to connect to the school’s internet network and must remain installed on your laptop.  We will be monitoring to ensure that it is installed. Students found attempting to remove the software will be considered in breach and appropriate actions will be taken. Removing Spotshield will also remove your ability to connect to the internet while at School.


Why does this need to be installed on my device?

As a school we have a legal duty of care to ensure every student is safe from accessing any potentially harmful content during school hours.


We also have a moral obligation to you and your parents who have entrusted us to guide your online development as best we can, and this requires us to limit distractions to your education.


Will this be active outside of school hours?

No - by default, this will only be active during school hours. However, your parents will be given the opportunity to activate it at home if they choose to. 


This will be entirely at their discretion, although as a school we will be encouraging them to do so to help guide you in your online development.


We understand you may have concerns about this. If so, we strongly encourage you to discuss these concerns openly with your parents/carers and take the time to come to a mutual agreement about how these tools might be used in your home.



Linewize Windows SpotShield Certificate Instructions

Linewize Mac SpotShield Certificate Instructions


Alternatively you can download the SpotShield Certificates from:


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  • Family Zone


Linewize Laptop Certificate

Family Zone Mobile Zone Agent

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